In your woebegone Wednesday media column: Rumors of more Conde Nast layoffs at Architectural Digest and the research department, ideas for BusinessWeek's future, Ross Douthat is insecure, and the Weather Channel grows ever more awesome.

It's hump day in Conde Nast layoff week. A tipster tells us that seven people were let go from Conde Nast's market research department today. "These were people assigned to analyze data related to magazines. Since there are fewer of those, these layoffs could be expected." Makes sense. Another tipster tells us that Architectural Digest is having layoffs right now—at least five so far, including editors, they say. [UPDATE: We hear two editors, two fact checkers, and a copy editor, so far]. If you know more, email us.

Among the names that Jon Friedman floats as possible new editors for BusinessWeek: Joanne Lipman, who oversaw the precipitous fall of Portfolio. Hmm. Why not Howell Raines? Or Stephen Glass? Or a housecat? Let's be creative!

NYT conservative columnist Ross Douthat, speaking at an n+1 panel: "I am someone opposed to gay marriage who is deeply uncomfortable arguing the issue in public." Pussy.

The Weather Channel is going to be showing weather-related movies, now! The announced lineup so far includes The Perfect Storm, March of the Penguins, and Misery (remember the snowstorm??!!). Just one more reason to watch The Weather Channel.