Let's just examine this Politico story here, headlined "Lamar Alexander to Barack Obama: No 'enemies list.'" What is it about?

It is a Politico reporting on how a Republican Senator gave an anti-Obama speech based, he acknowledges, on a Politco story.

So Politico took a "dog bites man" story about a President fighting a political battle with political organizations, like the conservative Chamber of Commerce, and manufactured a controversy about the White House "working systematically to marginalize the most powerful forces behind the Republican party", making it sound unprecedented and scandalous. (His weapons in this war? "Private meetings and public taunts." Back off, Conservatives, or the president will mock you again!) Then a Republican Senator wrote a speech based entirely on the premise of that manufactured Politico story, and Politico reported on that speech as important political news.

God bless their little hearts!