Earlier today, we told you about the fake Chamber of Commerce press conference staged by culture-jamming activists The Yes Men to force the business group to take hostile questions about their stance on climate change. Now we have video.

Would there be any other kind of Yes Men stunt if there wasn't Youtube video? Even by the standards of the group's anti-consumerism pranks — portraying themselves as spokespeople for McDonalds, Dow Chemical, and organizations such as Housing and Urban Development and the World Trade Organization — this stunt was something of a cerebral sommersault. The idea was to turn the word of authority from these figures on its head and in the process reveal an inconvenient truth.

In this particular case the Yes Men were aiming their pointed satire at the statement from the Chamber of Commerce that asked for the science of global warming to be put on "trial."

Several companies have dropped their Chamber of Commerce membership over their lobbying against climate change bills currently making their way through Congress, most notably, Apple. Nike has stepped down from their board but not entirely from their membership.