It looks like Goldman Sachs is preventing its employees from reading Gawker. It's a precaution any workplace that values productivity might consider, especially an employer who's been targeted by a Gawker investigation.

Erin Holland is a vice president and assistant general counsel at Goldman Sachs, which is apparently a really boring job, because she just posted this to her Twitter feed.

We're checking with other Goldman sources to confirm the blockage; Holland's Twitter presence certainly appears to be legit, though her Glee obsession seems somehow misplaced in a lawyer who specializes in credit derivatives contracts [pdf]. We'd be sort of surprised, given what we know about Goldman Sachs, if Gawker was ever available inside the building, but it sounds like Holland had grown accustomed to reading our trenchant wit and anti-Goldman jeremiads from the office.

But no more. [UPDATE: A source inside the building confirms that Gawker had indeed been previously available to Goldman employees.] We can't help but note that this ban follows closely on the heels of our announcement of the Goldman Project, our effort to catalog and track the profligate spending of the beneficiaries of Goldman's anticipated $23 billion in taxpayer-financed bonuses. But they can't kick us off the 3G network last time we checked, so to all the Goldmanites reading this in the bathroom on your iPhones: Leak to us! You have nothing to lose but your jobs. (Remember: Gmail is your friend! Also the phone: our tipline is 646-214-8138.) And to judge by Erin Holland's Twitter feed, Goldman is a horrible, horrible place to work. Except for the money. The money's great.

SECOND UPDATE: We've learned that the ban extends to company Blackberries, as well.

THIRD UPDATE: To those who've expressed concern that we jeopardized Holland's job by drawing attention to her Twitter feed: We have it on good authority that she's been "rebuked but [is] still employed." To Holland: Adjust your Facebook privacy settings.