Endless joke/former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has posted her resume on the middle-aged person social networking site LinkedIn. On her
LinkedIn page, Palin says she's interested in "job inquiries," "business deals," and "getting back in touch."

This isn't Palin's first foray into social networking. She has a history of being unintentionally hilarious on both Twitter and Facebook. You'd think that now that she's left civil servitude to hit the high-priced lecture circuit and pimp her memoirs, Palin could afford fancy PR consultants who would prevent her LinkedIn page from being similarly embarrassing. Nope!

Palin's LinkedIn profile is registered under the username "governorsarahpalin" even though she resigned as Alaska's chief executive back in June. She couldn't get the username "sarahpalin" because it's already being taken by someone who's using it to make fun of her with a profile that lists her "specialties" as: "Oil Companies, Good Old Boy Networks, Government waste, Earmarks, and Pork Barrels."

Her team obviously should have had the fake profile removed before touting her social networking savvy to the press. Palin wants to be the leader of the free world, but she has yet to demonstrate that she can properly manage her own internet presence.

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