We got a tip in this morning clarifying some of the issues that are being studied in the case of Todd English's Cold Feet and Erica Wang. If true, this casts Wang's spin attempts in a considerably more impressive light.

So, you can read the entire recap here, but to summarize: Erica Wang tried to spin the press in her direction after TV chef and restaurateur Todd English left her at the altar. As it turns out, they had a terrible relationship, and English just filed a domestic abuse charge against her for clocking him (heh) with a watch. We've been trying to figure out the two remaining mysteries, and put a call out for tips on this yesterday. We might've found what we were looking for. Here's what we now know:

  • English didn't bill her for any part of the wedding – the $12,000 bill Wang received was the balance the band was owed for performing and the band billed her instead of English. This was one of her major grievances: that English sent her the bill for exactly half. Would she and English have been billed that had she canceled the reception as soon as she found out? (She says she found out at 3PM that day. I find that hard to believe).

  • The other $150K the wedding cost was paid for by English, already. He sunk his cash into it and didn't bill her for that money.

  • Wang held a lavish dinner at Olives NY for her family after the split but before the wedding, and charged it to English's credit card. Olives is one of English's restaurants that he no doubt has a house account at. Are the Olives NY people going to question his bride-to-be Erica Wang before she's about to be married? Probably not.

  • Finally: people in the Todd English empire are apparently pissed over one thing in this entire fiasco: the fact that the press keeps referring to Erica Wang as his assistant (which she gave up her job as a concierge at the Peninsula Hotel to "be."). English has a long-time assistant who's paid for her work, and Wang supposedly never—never—supplanted that.

Now, tips are tips, and I'm pretty skeptical of any press plays on this thing at this point, so to provide counter-balance, here's another one we got. It's, uh, maybe less credible?

Todd, no, Toad English called her on the phone " I can't marry you today. " at 1pm Oct 3rd on their wedding day while hiding in Miami's night club. I am sure there is a phone record should she need to verify one day :))) I assume you live in New York City, so please get your facts straight before asking yourself, "Why the hell Wang thinks it was a good idea to carry on the wedding party....?" Do you think Erica Wang would be so low like the toad to leave their 150 guests stranded in their tuxex and evening gowns in the rain? Would the hotel doorman tell the out of town guests " Sorry, no wedding, no party,no dinner. " I think it was very classy of Wang to put on a brave face to greet her guests.

By the way, the day Toad English sent two security guards to watch her pack, he called NYPD to report there was a " domestic dispute" in her apartment. The two disgusted policemen soon apologized and left after they saw there was only Erica Wang, her mother and the moving company. English used our PUBLIC SERVANTS to do his dirty work while our city is constantly in need of law enforcement to protect the general public. Now, what do you think?

I think Erica Wang's friends also have sugar daddies because they've clearly never had to write an important email.

I also think the timeline's starting to become a little more clear. It goes something like: English knew this thing was dunzo earlier in the week, but how could Wang not know? She didn't hear from him that entire week except when he canceled the wedding, which it sounds like he definitely did, at 1PM on the day of. Who would actually go on with a wedding to a guy who hadn't called her the entire week before they were supposed to be on the altar?