Last we heard, both Levi Johnston's people and Playgirl were still haggling on terms. Now everything is settled and the online magazine has sent off the contract and is waiting for signatures. Status updated!

We're almost at full-on wang! Playgirl's spokesperson, Daniel Nardicio, told us that they online magazine had sent off a contract to Levi and his managers, Tank Johnson and Rex Butler, earlier this week and they're just waiting on Levi to put his name on the dotted line so they can start making final arrangements for the shoot, which will go down in November here in New York. There will also be some promotional appearances during Levi's trip to the big city. He said that there is no stipulation in the contract about how much skin Levi will or will not show and it will be decided at the shoot.

Also, everyone is waiting for the ink to be dry before talking about how much money is involved. The original offer Playgirl made was $25,000 and last we talked to Tank (who didn't answer his phone and his mailbox is full) he was adamant about getting more than that. If the parties have agreed to terms, then Playgirl must have come up with more cash or done something to sweeten the pot. If that is the case, then they are not settling for some crumby underwear shoot.

Because of that, we are updating the Status on the Levi Johnston Watch from "Boxers of Briefs?" to "Cheeks Peek." It's the least we're gonna get! After all those years in Alaska, just how pale do you think Levi's ass is. We know he's been working out, but maybe we should chip in and get him a gift certificate to the Favorite Sun Tanning Salon in Anchorage.

[Illustration by Steven Dressler]