This Sunday, some of the world's most famous chefs are getting together in Manhattan and "honoring the editors,writers and staff of the legendary culinary publication Gourmet Magazine." The only thing missing: Gourmet staffers. know any?

This Craigslist ad has the same contact numbers as the press release announcing "The Fifth Annual 'The Great Gathering of Chefs.'"

looking for former gourmet magazine staff (Midtown)

we are doing a food project and need former gourmet magazine staff.
It will be a huge event involving chefs from thoughout the nation.

So, if you're a newly unemployed former Gourmet staffers, show up at the Mandarin Oriental Sunday at 3 pm and "Emeril, Daniel, Eric Ripert, Michael Psilakis, John Delucie, Jean-Georges and George Mendes, just to mention a few" will personally hand you a golden fork! And hopefully some food, as well!