Sheree Silver, the Wife Swap "spouse" of Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene, is from my hometown. Score! The local paper gets the scoop: Sheree—who is a psychic—psychically intuited exactly what was happening.

The more she watched [the saga unfold on TV yesterday], though, the more she thought Heene — a scientifically inclined storm chaser who built aircraft for his experiments — would not have done something so alarming simply for attention.

She figured it had to be the kid's fault, because she found his kids "mischievous" and "obnoxious." Psychically speaking! Do you still doubt the powers of Sheree Silver's Metaphysical Realm? Chew on this, skeptics:

But, watching it unfold, she got a sense that "it was going to be OK," she said.

It was.

This is the biggest news to hit my hometown since they stopped serving beer for breakfast.