A Wall Street Journal editor went nuclear on a leading content aggregator; Kim Severson developed a case of bee envy and someone said the Balloon Boy should basically die. The Twitterati were especially judgy.

The Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray ended an old-media/new-media fight with TechMeme's Gabe Rivera by comparing content aggregation to nuclear weapons, thus losing the tiff.

TechMeme's Megan McCarthy (an ex Valleywag), meanwhile, supplied a thoroughly-modern-fairy-tale ending to the saga of Baloon Boy.

Actor Rainn Wilson, meanwhile, called for corporal punishment, if by "corporal" you mean "probably lethal."

New York Times food writer Kim Severson came down with print-media kitchen envy.

The Chicago Tribune's Mary Kate Chambers found a good reason to be ecstatic about bad weather.

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