As someone old enough to know who Bob Mackie is, I must say: I find live blogging to be rejuvenating: As you waste hours of your life doing it, you can take years off it at the same time!

Well, if not years, a few months at least.

I mention Mackie because he's a guest judge tonight, and is also a 70s-era relic who's probably unfamiliar to many youngsters out there. So for their sake, allow me to explain: Mackie is a "fringe designer." And by that, I don't mean that everything he did was on the fringe. Rather, I mean that that there was fringe on everything he did.

Also, I mention the age thing because it's my birthday today, which always leaves me feeling a little old. So I'm counting on the rejuvenating powers of tonight's live blog to help restore my spiritual age to … well, to at least where it was last June. Back when Michael Jackson and Billy Mays were still alive, and the world was like a bright, shiny new penny.

Hey, you can partake in the age-defying miracle that is the Gawker Project Runway live blog, too! So why not join us? The show starts on Lifetime at 10 Eastern, and the live blog happens in comments section below. Last week's edition included many humorous comments (for a selection, click here). Highlights from the fun we had include the following:

  • We never solved the mystery of Gordana's strangely darkened hands, but Brian Moylan advanced the theory that she'd been crushing smurfs. So I hereby propose that Gordana's new nickname be: "Smurf Crusher."
  • Commenter Spirit Fingers noted that Gordana "always makes an S&M fetish maxi-mini fit for a warehouse rave in the Czech Republic." I'm not sure exactly what that description means, but I still think it's awesome.
  • We noticed a new pattern: The "phone call home to loved ones" sequence now foreshadows victory, rather than elimination (to wit: Jordana last week, and Epperson previously).
  • Commenter Erinna noted that Christopher's facial hair is so unfortunate, his friends and loved ones ought to stage an intervention and forcibly shave it off.
  • We were disappointed that Michael Kors returned just in time for a bridal-related challenge, but failed to describe anything as "mother of the bride." What a missed opportunity!

As for tonight's episode, having viewed a few highlights, I suggest we watch for the following:

  • Irina will shit-talk other people and basically be a total bitch. It's odd how the editors are only fully revealing this aspect of her personality now. It's like they suddenly realized nine weeks in that this season has no villain yet, and hastily assembled an "Irina bitch edit."
  • Heidi will announce that there will be no more immunity from now on. Maybe this thing Nicolas designed during his immunity week was the final straw?
  • Tonight, all four judges—Mackie, fellow guest judge Christina Aguilera, Heidi and a (finally!) returning Nina Garcia—will look orange. This is ironic, because the original Orange Man will be AWOL again. Maybe the producers think we'll notice Kors' absence less if they slather orange pancake on the rest of the judging panel?

Ok, enough with my pre-show twaddle. Let's grab a drink, start typing and get rejuvenating!

[Images via Getty and Carbonated's Flickr]