A Connecticut judge has unsealed the applications for search warrants for Joe Halderman, who is accused of attempting to extort David Letterman out of $2 million. Read the warrant for Halderman's house here, and for his car here.

The affidavits don't reveal much new information, and recount the story as it is known: Halderman allegedly placed a packet in Letterman's car with a screenplay treatment and note threatening to reveal private details about his life:

The cops seized Halderman's computer, and seemed to suspect that he communicated about the plot via e-mail—they sought any data related to a redacted screen name and e-mail address that could be Halderman's or could be someone else's. They were also careful to seek a warrant to seize any e-mails or notes related to Halderman and "any and all Public figures," suggesting they may have suspected that Halderman had a sideline going with other targets.

The warrants also give a sense of Letterman's—referred to as "Client #1" in documents—state of mind as the sting unfolded: