According to newly released campaign data, the Huck owes the Chuck $23,570 for travel expenses from Huckabee's failed 2008 primary bid, and CNN and ABC News in turn both owe Huckabee a total of $3,700.

Politico brought Huckabee's newly filed campaign finance report to our attention with an item about how deadbeat news outlets CNN and ABC News owe the campaign $2,906 and $833, respectively, for "Press Travel Reimbursement." We checked, and it does. But the eye-popping figure to us was $23,570 owed by the campaign to Top Kick Productions of Houston, Texas for "travel - charter." Hmmmm—what is Top Kick Productions, and what films has it produced? Why, Lone Wolf McQuade, Deadly Reunion, and Silent Rage! Certainly looks like Chuck Norris' production company. Indeed, Norris listed Top Kick as his employer in a donation to Huckabee's PAC last year.

Huckabee and Norris were famously inseparable on the trail last year, but why would Huckabee be more than $23,000 in the hole to a white ninja/Texas Ranger for travel expenses? An accountant for the Huckabee campaign confirmed the debt to us, but hasn't gotten back to us about why the campaign owed Norris for travel—it looks like Huckabee flew around on a jet either owned or chartered by Norris, and so is obligated to repay him at market rates. But who knew Chuck Norris had a jet?

Representatives for ABC News and CNN had no immediate comment about the fact that they're deadbeats.