Dr. Drew Pinsky turned into a self-harming cutter; Diablo Cody disagreed with the internet and a CNN anchor got dissed. Things went pear shaped for the Twitterati.

Screenwriter Diablo Cody, a/k/a Brook Busey, could not get with the program w/r/t today's internet awesomeness.

Television doctor Drew Pinksy engaged in some self-inflicted distress, at the airport. Worrisome.

Don't you know who CNN's TJ Holmes is, department story lady? Not your peon.

Actress Erika Christensen seeks man to receive home-cooked meals. Line forms to the left. In her Twitter stream.

In an obvious bid for attention, Mashable's Ben Parr called a feature he not only read, but also tweeted, "lazy" ....as if that were a bad thing!

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