The governor of California promised "swift action" against his wife; a podcaster recounted a conversation about cat eating and Biz Stone fell in love with Seinfeld all over again.

After TMZ's Harvey Levin busted Maria Shriver for talking on a cell phone while driving, her husband Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger promised to give her a firm spanking. Possibly in a metaphorical sense. Possibly not.

Slashfilm's David Chen praised a fellow Asian American for her dogged fight against racial misconceptions.

Joel Madden, of the band Good Charlotte, knows you're secretly obsessed with him, Rolling Stone "girl."

Gotham-to-San-Francisco transplant Caroline McCarthy can start worrying about the pool of men in her new hometown.... NOW.

Please no one tell Twitter co-founder Biz Stone that this particular Seinfeld episode never aired, and never will air. It's made him so very happy.

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