Mario Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Fergie, Oh My! Can't you just feel the mortification oozing from your computer screen?

Glamorous, Fergalcious, or pure 80's trash? The jean jacket, scrunchie, and feathered bangs lean toward the latter. I even think that 12-year-old Fergie out-does Debbie Gibson on this one!

In this episode, the gang performs "Cool It Now." Whatever you do, do NOT miss Mario Lopez's rapping drum-solo at the one-minute mark.

Jennifer Love Hewitt goes all out for a very serious solo involving a plot line none of us can figure out. All we know is that those those tears, are working for us, girl!

I went ahead and included this megamix that features "The Gooonies R Good Enough" and "The Neverending Story" theme. That spot in your heart for 80's kids movies is like, totally melting, dude. Am I right?!