Want to host the Olympics? So did HITLER. Issuing a statement critical of an insurance industry-funded report on how regulating the health insurance industry would be bad? That is what GOEBBELS did. Welcome to Erick Erickson's brain!

Erickson, a lawyer and "consultant," is the editor of RedState.com. He has repeatedly disavowed the Birthers and wants to create a more credible, mainstream Republican movement.

And, you know, he also thinks Barack Obama is the same as Hitler. Not, like, for serious or anything! He just thinks that health insurers are The Jews of 2009, and to call their little report "a self-serving analysis" is basically the same thing as inciting Kristallnacht.

(He also thinks Hitler was awarded the Berlin Olympics two years before he was even sworn in as Chancellor.)

So, you know, he will certainly look foolish if Herr Obama allows the Republicans to pick up an seats next year! Not that he will know about it, because there is no internet in Insurance Industry Concentration Camps.