They say the West Coast tech scene is mostly a straight-guy fraternity. For proof, look no further than Jason Goldberg. He played the heteronormative role while running Jobster; it took a relocation to Germany to really loosen him up.

Oh, sure, Goldberg married Thomas Goldberg while working in Seattle, but the couple were soon looking to skip town, mulling destinations like New York or London. In the meantime, Goldberg kept a buttoned-down look, as illustrated in the first two pictures below.

Then came Goldberg's ejection from Jobster, his creation of the networking site Social Median (later sold), and his eventual relocation to Hamburg — where Goldberg apparently went very, very gay, as seen in the pictures below.

Tech tyrant or not, we don't begrudge Goldberg his sexy partytime. We're just sad he had to fly east to enjoy it. With the rise of the tech startup scene in India and China, it seemed like proud, defiant hedonism was one of the few sectors San Francisco could corner. So much for that theory.

UPDATE: A tipster writes that at least some of these pictures are connected to a gay charter cruise:


..for the record, most of those photos — definitely 4, 5, and 6 — were taken on a cruise ship, the Celebrity Solstice. Probably the Atlantis Events gay charter sailing from Rome this late July - early August. I was on that ship, along with 1,500+ other gay guys, Bruce Vilanch, Patty LuPone . . .

If you know more, we'd love to hear from you.