You know this Guy Fieri guy? He's got a Food Network show/career putting him somewhere between Jesse James and Rachel Ray's flipped chromosomes. At this weekend's New York Food and Wine Festival: called out by David Chang and Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain has a show on the Travel Chanel where he goes to parts of the world less explored by food networks (like the Congo, and Ted Nugent's ranch). David Chang is a mouthy, hyper-critically-acclaimed New York chef who admits to being overexposed and isn't exactly family friendly. Good example: when Foie Gras activists protested his restaurant, he promised to put a Foie Gras dish on the menu every night, and donate the proceeds to charity. Also, at one of his restaurants, it says in very plain language on the menu: We do not serve vegetarian-friendly items here. I'd go as far to say the items are aggressively vegetarian-hostile. Crispy Pig's Head Torchon? Mm. Tasty traif. So! When these two get together, sparks will fly. And did they. Besides taking on (fucking) cupcakes, (fucking) San Fransisco, and the (no bullshit) honesty of Top Chef results, Mr. Chang decided to speak on the issue of television chef Guy Fieri.

There are plenty of reasons one could dislike Mr. Fieri, chief among them: he's a spokesperson for T.G.I. Fridays, which is invading Union Square, which brings downtown Manhattan one business closer to being a shameless strip mall. So he hates New York. He talks LOUD like all the other TV chefs who feel they have to SCREAM THINGS very EXCITEDLY about rather lowbrow FOOD like BUFFALO WINGS, BRAH! And also, maybe, that he represents the American food community globally. He's like John Bolton, but armed with a cheeseburger.

But David Chang has his own issues with him:

Cooking is not about "fuckin' sunglasses and that stupid fuckin' armband." If he ever does that, "throw me down the stairs," Chang said.

Notably, this is not one of David Chang's meat tenderizing tricks. Yet. That we know of.

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