Patrick Lanzo owns a restaurant in Paulding County, Georgia. His restaurant has a mannequin dressed as a Klansman. The sign out front says, "Obama's plan for health-care: nigger rig it." Lanzo says he is not a racist.

This is the victory of Political Correctness: racists across the nation have somehow vaguely internalized the lesson that racism is bad. But all that means is that they don't think anything they ever do is racist, because that would make them bad people.

CBS Atlanta's Michelle Marsh asked Lanzo why he put up the sign.

"I've been putting up signs for 22 years and I've put up all kinds of political signs," said Lanzo.

"Why did you use the N word?" Marsh asked.

"Well, I've used it most of my life. There are different ways to put your opinion up, but that's just the words I choose," Lanzo answered.

That's just the word he chose. "Nigger." He has used the word "nigger" all his life. You know, whatever. It's just his opinion. Once again: he is not a racist.

It is weird, right? That this man understands that it is a Bad Thing to be A Racist, but doesn't really get the rest of it?

Other self-avowed non-racists include all of these people and this guy and this winner.