We're no closer to knowing just how naked Levi Johnston will be in Playgirl than we were yesterday, but both sides are getting closer to finalizing the details and signing a contract. The shoot should take place in early November.

Daniel Nardicio, a spokesman for Playgirl, said that both sides agreed to do the shoot the weekend of November 6 here in New York. The online publication hopes that Levi will be posing all day on Saturday while also getting in some promotional appearances while he's in town. Also, Playgirl is thinking about reviving the print edition for a Levi special. If the shoot takes place on the arranged date the images will hit the web a few weeks later, and the print magazine—with additional images—a few weeks after that. So far just how naked he is going to get still isn't part of the contract, which should be signed in the next few days.

Tank Jones, Levi's svengali, told us that he didn't have any additional details about the shoot and that they're still trying to nail down the date. He said he was talking to the Playgirl camp later this afternoon and will have more details after the meeting. Well, Tank, we want to know everything! Now! If you can successfully broker this deal, you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. It doesn't take much these days.

In other Levi Johnston news, Bravo honcho Andy Cohen, who started all this mess on his masturbatory talk show, has changed his position on the matter for the second time.

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Cohen hand his "Mazel of the Week" to the viewer Steve, who wrote in the question about whether or not Levi would pose nude in the first place. Levi famously said yes, and the whole thing began. Now Cohen is celebrating the dirty pictures with Playgirl because it started on his show. He also says his show is contributing to culture (full clip below) and asks Anderson Cooper what he is doing. Well, he's probably getting all worked up at the thought of a naked Levi photo shoot.

Anyway, what happened to warning the kid against doing porn? Is being naked in Playgirl not porn because it's "tasteful?" God, Andy, get your story straight. PS—Thanks. We never could have done it without you.