Ohhh yeahhh, baby: Jimmy Wales did just hand you a picture of his dapper self, giving you The Look. You know, the sultry one he's used on a long line of women. The look that says, "this card means business."

If you want to hit the Wikipedia founder back, you can flip the card over for his contact information. Or you can just do what Assme did: wonder if he's a creepy while digging the "smoky" look Wales gives from the front side, sitting in "what appears to be Masterpiece Theater headquarters.". But remember: just because he bedded Fox News hottie Rachel Marsden and plotted to change her Wikipedia entry, is rumored to have slept with a married lady, maybe had sex with Wikipedia's executive director, and purportedly circulated racy pictures of a girlfriend without her consent — just because there's all these rumors dogging Wales doesn't mean he's out to bone you.

Not necessarily, at least.