The Conde Nast layoffs are proceeding not like a Band-Aid ripped off quickly, but rather like a Band-Aid pulled off all too slowly. It hurts! Today, we hear, Glamour had its own layoffs. Including a reality TV star! UPDATE: Confirmed.

A tipster (unconfirmed) relays the following, from inside the Conde mothership:

— Seven layoffs at Glamour today.
— All layoffs were on the sales side, source unclear if edit will be affected.
— Affected employees were either based in NY or Atlanta offices.
— One of the laid off employees is Danny Roberts, from "The Real World: New Orleans," who was a sales assistant in the Atlanta office.

Wikipedia says that after the show Danny Roberts "returned to Atlanta, Georgia, where he works in publishing." So by internet standards this is totally possibly true! Danny, email us at once. Our readers want to know that you're okay.

UPDATE: One of Danny's Facebook friends emails us he current FB status:

Jason Daniel Roberts is officially part of the Conde Nasty scrap heap...thank God ole mighty, i'm free at last!!"