The Associated Press, self-declared enemy of internet evildoers, says it has seen some awesome new Microsoft search technology — top secret stuff — that will return its content to a position of total world domination. Google is so history.

According to Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab, AP CEO Tim Curley (pictured) recently let slip at a Hong Kong gathering of journalists that the AP hasn't even talked to Google as part of its complete overhaul of the way it syndicates content online. Why bother, when Microsoft is clearly so lethally good, online? "They know how to have a conversation," for one, unlike a certain other tech giant, plus they gave AP this, just, killer demo:

Microsoft this month has some new technology that it's unveiling that will be much more visually dramatic than anything you've seen before. Multimedia in ways you haven't thought about yet. We've seen it, we've seen the technology.

Oh, and Microsoft also just happens to have basically promised to give AP top ranking — "privileging" their content, as Nieman puts it — over other sources reporting the same news. Never mind if other sources add information to a linked AP story, or generate lots of buzz by using an AP link to launch an in-depth opinion piece. Quality = AP, always. Which is why Microsoft Bing will rule the internet, real soon now. What could possibly go wrong?