That is the only explanation for why, on today's episode of The View the Late Show band leader can't tell the difference between Star Jones and a thin, attractive Latin woman.

During an appearance on the estrogen-soaked chatfest, Shaffer is asked about the current David Letterman scandal that absolutely no one is talking about. He responds by saying his father is a lawyer, just like Star Jones. The only problem is, he reaches out and touches the knee of guest host and Ugly Betty co-star Ana Ortiz. Oopsie!

Now, we're not going to even mention the fact that Star Jones hasn't been on the show for more than three years; we'll forgive him for being out of touch and not doing his research before going to bow before the altar of Barbara Walters. But how can you mistake Ortiz, who is neither the same shape nor color as Jones, for the real thing! Maybe he just needs a new prescription for his wacky glasses. At least he reached right over Sherri Shepard. He may be a little bit touched, but at least he doesn't think all black people look alike.