The Fox television network reminds us of many things. When it shows American Idol, it's kinda like a great big Radio City revue. When Moment of Truth airs it's more Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

But the way Fox wants you to think of it is, apparently, as a mid-to-low end strip club that is very welcoming of lady clientele.

The network's "edgy" new redband promo (below) features the whole Fox gang, including the stars of House, Bones, Lie to Me and Fringe out for a night watching women disrobe down to their underwears. It's an interesting piece of positioning; many networks attempt to subliminally communicate that "if you watch our shows we will provide you with low cost sex," but generally they get this message across by working cheerleaders washing cars and high-price brothels into their plot lines and using the flimsiest excuses possible to put models into bikinis. Few just come out and say, Hey, we're a very affordable strip club!

And what about the ladies in the audience? What's in it for them? Well as the promo demonstrates, everyone can have fun watching women take their clothes off. Fringe's Anna Torv almost gets to make out with a stripper! And the Bones cast get to revive their old favorite geek joke reference to the Broken Cowgirl position.

"No shirts. No shoes. No problemo" read the closing credits, and from now on, when I want to party naked, it's going to be straight to Fox for me.