It seems like the actual Letterman scandal broke so long ago, yet the straitlaced scoops about the straitlaced funnyman's straitlaced affair continue, forever. Today: A motive, in the form of a kiss; the perp's solid rep; and advertisers don't care.

  • 'Bombshell Bussing Incident': We quite like the use of the word "Bussing" as a synonym for "kissing," don't you? Make a note, language hounds. In this case, it seems that Dave Letterman drove Stephanie Birkitt home a couple months ago—to the home she shared with blackmailer Joe Halderman—and Halderman caught them smooching! Right there at the end of the driveway! Then, of course, Halderman flew into a jealous rage and decided to extort Letterman. Case closed, etc.
  • But Halderman Seemed Like Such a Good Guy!: Joe Halderman was a hard living producer who like action but his colleagues never thought he would do something like this. Read the entire standard-issue disbelief reaction story in the Times.
  • Know Who Does Not Care About This Scandal, Besides Smart People? Advertisers: Because of intricate complicated ad and entertainment industry things like Q Rating and reputation management and the fact that Letterman never really put himself forward as a holier-than-thou guy, his show's sponsors don't much care about this scandal. They do care about ratings. Which are good!