Just as we predicted now that the neighbors have taken up the cause against downtown hotspot the Jane Hotel, it's going to die the death of a thousand licensing violations. Now they've closed the ballroom to meet compliance.

The Hotel's representatives say that it is not closed, but they are making some changes based on the violations that the Fire Department and the Department of Buildings found on Friday night when they raided the joint. It's all petty things—like broken emergency lights, where the fire extinguishers are hung, operating with the current licenses—but these are the minuscule infractions that add up over time leading to a nightclub's demise. Check out the documents below.

After the city's first volley has lead the club's management to "voluntarily choosing to make a few minor physical adjustments to the ballroom space to insure that the entire venue is in 100% compliance with all codes and ordinances," according to their spokesperson. While that happens, the ballroom will be closed for the next several weeks and only the front bar will be open to the public.

So, there you have it folks, start picking out your funeral attire.