Have you heard the one about how leftist terrorist boogeyman Bill Ayers secretly wrote Barack Obama's memoirs? You will! Because Ayers just admitted it!

Crazy World Net Daily make-believe "journalist" Jack Cashill decided Bill Ayers secretly wrote Dreams From My Father because a) Barack Obama is too stupid to write a good book and b) Bill Ayers and Barack Obama are best friends forever. All of his "evidence" is things like "both men use the word 'baleful'" and "there are people named 'Freddy' in books by both of them." Literally, that is the evidence he's marshaled in his year-long campaign to prove this theory.


Obama talks about our "collective dreams." Ayers uses the word "collective" the way others use "and" and "the." The Weather Underground was organized into "collectives." He refers to "collective well-being," "collective gloom," "collective goodwill" and a dozen other Marxist-spawned "collective" sentiments. Speaking of Marx, Obama uses the concept of "process" in a consciously dialectic sense as does Ayers.

Proven by science! (Enough for Andy McCarthy, anyway.)

And then some conservative blogger claimed to have run into Ayers at the airport, and she said Ayers told her personally that he wrote all of Dream From My Father himself.

Ayers, obviously, says this to all the crazies, because he thinks it's hilarious. It's apparently his version of the old Bill Murray "your friends will never believe you!" thing.

That doesn't matter, though! "Bill Ayers admitted he wrote Dream From My Father" will be shouted by someone on Lou Dobbs' or Sean Hannity's show, soon. It will be in the comments threads of newspaper stories until the end of time. You will continue getting email forwards about it for years. It will become one of the undying myths of the right-wing fringe, and believing it will be tacitly (and occasionally explicitly) encouraged by the movement's media and political leaders.

The Washington Independent's Dave Weigel is brilliant at this—finding whatever extreme nonsense will bubble up to the mainstream, or at least garner a Politico mention—so keep reading him if you want to know what insane bullshit will pop up next.