Of all of Courtney Love's addictions, we're glad that Frances Bean Cobain has taken up her "ranting on the internet" addiction. You have got to check out her Twitter smackdown of Ali Lohan. Daddy would be so proud.

We're not sure what went down, but Gothamist captured the whole misspelled diatribe (just like mom!) in all of its glory. It sounds like Frances thinks that Ali is gross because she wants to be famous and is using her last name to get ahead in life and has a bad attitude while doing it.

Your not entitled to anything simply because your sister has a recognizable name. Your idea of fame isn't fame. It's infamy. You want to be famous? Work your ass off and make decisions that could potentially catapult your career into a lasting one. Notariety for who you are and notaritey for the work you produce are two completely differnt things.

The 17-year-old Cobain has only used her name to get an internship at Rolling Stone, which is pretty much par for the celebrity child course. So far, she thinks that Ali is making horrible "careere" choices.

Your careere choices, thus far, will transcend a future career as someone who attempted to be famous, but never quite achieved it. And if you do, it will be the formality of fame that puts you on the covers of tabloids, while the public idly watches you plumit into the murky abyss shared with the likes of Spencer Pratt & Jon Gosslin who, i'm sure, will steal your money whilst there."

That is some seriously astute cultural observation, Frances! There's still a whole lot more where that came from, and she even gets some swings in at Lindsay and her "dwindling" career and "few shitty films." Unfortunately, we won't be getting any more dispatches in the future because Frances (or someone else) has deleted her Twitter account. Maybe she wants to be just like mom and is taking it to MySpace.

Either way, we are proud of our little Frances. She's grown up under some rough circumstances, but she seems to be a well-spoken, anti-establishment bad ass, and we wouldn't want it any other way.