Oh wow, hey everybody, all the fancy people in New York City, gather 'round and look at this: It's fried chicken! Here is a newsworthy new trend, "foodies": Chicken, rolled in flour or batter, and fried. Alert the media!

You are simply not a real foodie yuppie New York City news outlet right at this moment in the gustatory zeitgest if you are not writing articles about fried chicken. Did you think that fried chicken was just chicken, fried, a food that poor people eat? Think again! It is chicken, fried—a food that rich people eat, now!

New York magazine had a whole motherfucking six-part "guide to the great fried-chicken craze of 2009" last week. You thought the best fried chicken was at Popeye's in a combo meal? Nope, it's at Locanda Verde in the $41 prix fixe. Duh.

The New York Times has a whole Dining section feature on fried chicken today. You thought that the best fried chicken in NYC has probably always been at storefronts in Harlem and some little shack in backstreet fucking Flatbush? Wrong, it's in the East Village, Tribeca, and Carroll Gardens. In case you didn't know, white, non-Southern people have now mastered fried chicken, and it's better than ever. Thanks, New York Times.

Oh Momofuku's fried chicken was maybe created by an Asian guy, but it still costs $100. So it gets a pass.

Thanks to yuppie foodies and their media partners here in New York City , fried chicken is now something good to eat. For the first time ever!