The editor of Towson University's college newspaper has resigned amid scandal. Sexy scandal! The Towson University community was just not ready for sexy mutual masturbation talk. What? It's natural and human. Masturbation 69 orgasm dildo masturbation masturbation. What? Be mature.

Towerlight editor Carrie Wood resigned after the uproar over the anonymously-written "Bedpost" column. How stiff was the opposition? One student said, "Apparently some of the residents hall show pornographic videos like on the TV's and stuff and for them to get made about an article just seems really confusing to me."

Sure! So what was so bad about this columnist telling college kids to mutually masturbate with mutual masturbations, on their privates? Grow up!

Make a lot of eye contact during the act and there's a good chance that you will both orgasm around the same time.
Want to take it to the next level? Try lying next to each other and linking arms.
Girls – add a vibrator or dildo into your routine.
Boys – find out if your girl will let you finish somewhere other than on your stomach. I tend to ask for it on my chest or back.

Later she refers to "heavy petting," which I guess is what "finish" means? No? In any case, Towson should just grow up, and then mutually masturbate as consenting young adults, for sex.

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