In your controversial Tuesday media column: A magazine tries to claim NYC as its own, Details loses a publisher, Nancy Grace is the next Judge Judy, and Madonna wants to suck a newspaper's life blood (money).

Claim from an incredibly biased source (the editor of Paper): "If New York City were a magazine, it would be Paper." No, it would be F.E.D.S.

John Koblin reports that the publisher of Details, Steven DeLuca, is getting canned, and his duties will be taken over by Bill Wackermann, current publisher of Glamour. The fact that the rest of Details didn't get canned in yesterday's Conde purge is actually kind of amazing. So this is low collateral damage.

Here's a needlessly titillating headline: "CTD Developing Nancy Grace Strip." Comic strip? Strip mall? Strip show? No, it's just some dumb Judge Judy-esque TV show. Go to hell then, Nancy Grace.

The UK's Mail on Sunday newspaper has paid "substantial damages" to Madonna after she sued the paper for publishing photos of her wedding to Guy Ritchie. After that happened, everyone knew she was married, so, damages. Or something. British laws suck so bad.