Why yes, last week's Law & Order was the episode loosely based on the case of America's sweetheart, the Hipster Grifter. Damned if they didn't work in a hot dog reference.

Ever since Kari Ferrell asked all of Williamsburg's bearded young men to throw a hot dog down her hallway, America's been waiting to see how NBC's most unceasing police investigative drama would incorporate that phrase, and its utterer, into its canon. Wait no more. Just watch the clip, all the way.

Also: The only similarities the girl in this episode bore with Kari Ferrell were, 1. She was Asian, 2. She was always lying about how she had some medical condition, in order to win sympathy and/or money, and 3. She was using her sexiness to get things from men. But the lady in the show was way crazier than even Kari Ferrell (has had a chance to be so far).