The David Letterman Sexy Scandal has yet more "sordid" mundane details to be wrung out of it. Details about sex, between David Letterman and a lady! The same lady, Stephanie Birkitt. But more incidences of sex!

This morning's big scoop, courtesy of the New York Post:

Pretty former "Late Show" staffer Stephanie Birkitt revealed in her diary that she continued having sex with boss David Letterman even after moving in with her CBS-producer boyfriend, who later allegedly tried to extort him over the affair, sources told The Post yesterday.

So much to parse! Birkitt is officially "pretty," for purposes of this scandal at least. More interesting: Who is this source, who viewed Stephanie Birkitt's diary, and then blabbed about it to the most salacious paper in America? It's highly unlikely that it's Stephanie herself. It's not her boyfriend Joe Halderman, the cuckolded blackmailer. Maybe his lawyer?

OR MAYBE: David Letterman is so pissed about all of this that somebody on his side leaked this to the Post, just to make the point that, hey Halderman, Dave was totally boning your lady, how you like that? "Halderman exploded when he read Birkitt's diary in December and learned that she was still carrying on a steamy affair with Letterman, the sources said." We bet they did say that, the sources!

Would Halderman even gain any benefit by having his lawyer leak this? Not only is he an incompetent villainous criminal, he was also cheated on by his lady. Maybe he's trying to play the "I too was victimized by David Letterman" card? Trade away the very last shreds of his reputation in exchange for some public sympathy?

If so, that's bound to fail. The important thing is that the tabloids' "Every Time David Letterman Had Sex" chart is now slightly more complete.
[Pics: AP]