The symbiosis of Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston continues apace. As Palin's memoir rips up the charts Levi is back in a commercial for pistachio nuts. Uh, what?

While waiting for his Playgirl shoot to take place, Johnston—along with other luminaries like Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore, Wee-Man, Christopher Knight, and Adrienne Curry—is hawking Wonderful Pistachios. The commercial says "Now Levi Johnston does it with protection." Is that a reference to the shell of the nut? Aren't you supposed to take those off before you eat them? Does that mean he chews the nuts while still in their shells?

Of course, Johnston's handler/bodyguard Tank Jones in the commercial too, because he won't do anything, including a naked photo shot, without the man. Apparently, Levi is Dumbo and Jones is his magic feather. When Tank is around, Levi thinks he can fly!

Well, Levi, we're sure you cashed a nice check for this gig, but your slow slide into irrelevance has already started. It's lonely at the bottom, but at least you'll have Tank.