In your deathly Monday media column: More details on today's Conde Nast purge, point-counterpoint on Tribune Co's criminal management, an online news operation folds, and a journalist is killed.

John Koblin gets more info on today's Conde Nast hatchet-swinging: Roughly 180 layoffs, including Cookie editor Pilar Guzman. No solid word yet on the fate of Gourmet's Ruch Reichl. Any Conde people who want to share, vent, cry, or complain: Email us.

One argument: The Tribune Co. is bankrupt, its media properties have dim prospects across the board, and all of its employees are bearing the brunt of the managerial incompetence that's left it saddled with a hopeless debt load. Therefore, Tribune trying to pay $66 million in bonuses to top executives is borderline fucking criminal. Counterargument: Lee Abrams is priceless.

Very very predictable news that is nonetheless kinda sad: After the Rocky Mountain News folded, a hardy band of ex-journalists there decided to try to get together and launch an online, subscriber-only local news website, and, long story short, it has folded. But many of those same journalists reportedly found other jobs already, so, bright side.

Tim Wheatley, the business editor of the Baltimore Sun, was killed when his car was struck by a UPS truck this morning.