There was supposed to be a Twitter blackout. The Lobby, David Hornik's annual digital "un-conference" in Hawaii, is strictly off the record. But Silicon Valley's self-anointed elite are hardly more deferential to their local overlords than scruffy G20 protesters.

Hence, the inevitable leaks:

Mashable's Pete Cashmore TechMeme's Gabe Rivera uploaded this pic, which shows the Gallic CEO of Seesmic, Loïc Le Meur, hiding behind a friend on a beach at the posh Fairmont Orchid.

eBuddy founder Onno Bakker uploaded this pic of a morning session, a masculine stew of baseball caps and intertwined hairy legs. For an event that emphasizes its laid-back nature, that sure looks like a tightly-packed agenda (lower right).

Baseball uniforms? Really? That looks an awful lot like work. It's hard to see the point of conning your employer into paying for a Hawaiian vacation like The Lobby if you have to suit up and work in a disciplined team. (Onno Bakker)