Well, well. Liberals and lefties try to claim President Obama's far more progressive than George W. Bush. That may not entirely be the case, because, unlike Bush, Obama can't bring himself to meet with the Dalai Lama...

Not yet, at least: White House officials have reportedly asked Tibetan authorities to keep their distance when the Lama visits next week. This is the first time a President has refused to meet with the spiritual leader since he first came to the U.S. in 1991. Even Bush met with him, and he was evil!

Apparently Obama and his administration are worried about pissing off China, which rules Tibet with an iron fist. But some experts say it's a pointless gesture, because China doesn't really give a damn:

"We've got the classic case of a Western government yet again conceding to Chinese pressure that is imaginary long after that Chinese pressure has ceased to exist," said Robert Barnett, a Tibetan expert at Columbia University. "The Chinese must be falling over themselves with astonishment at what Western diplomats will give them without being asked. I don't know what the poker analogy would be. 'Please, see all my cards and take my money, too?' "

Oh well, Dalai: better luck next life!