Rob Lowe introduced someone else who has play-acted the part of a savvy political mover; John Larroquette thought about "small feet" and Danny Masterson explained his Tina Fey fantasy. The Twitterati were predictably random.

Los Angeles freelancer Rebecca DiLiberto, needs your backstory, so she can determine your authenticity, and judge you. We approve. (via @felixsalmon).

Writer and consultant Peter Feld apparently went hunting for Joe Halderman's "View Extortion Victims" link. And almost found himself.

Actor John Larroquette is thinking about "small feet, long hair." We're not going to try and unlock this particular riddle, because it could easily ruin our weekend.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger held an event today that was once an actual scene in West Wing, in which Jed Bartlet has a nightmare about a dystopian future version of California and awakens in a cold sweat.

If we all tweeted our Tina Fey dreams, actor Danny Masterson, that's all Twitter would be. Come on.

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