We can understand being gleeful when your political opponent falters, but when that misstep is failing to get America the Olympic games you may want to tone it down a bit. Right?

This kind of stuff cannot possibly look attractive to your theoretical disinterested observer, or "independent voter," to be literally cheering the fact that an American city—a Midwestern American city!—has lost something to a foreign city. This is like rooting for Obama's puppy to get run over. This is like if Obama said "My fellow Americans, it would be cool to see Drew Brees break the single-season passing yardage record this year" and then Michele Malkin went on the TV to pray for Bart Scott to break his leg this Sunday. (That's right, Malkin, I just compared you to a Jets fan.)

So hey, if you guys want to look like the most craven bunch of inconsistent assholes imaginable, that is your business! It does not hurt us any, for you jokers to go around shitting on America. But Politico, please, please, please stop trying to craft this "massive embarrassing Obama failure" thing into conventional wisdom. Please.

Obama never bothered to do anything about the Olympic bid until a week ago and the selection is entirely about the internal politics of the corrupt IOC—it has literally nothing to do with our own domestic politics, except that a bunch of assholes got all nutty about it, which is not news anymore.