William Safire's death has made Peggy Noonan concerned that mean words from annoying MSNBC Ed Schultz will make a crazy person shoot the president.

That is what today's column is about. Maybe? It is a particularly digressive and rambling effort even by Peggy's standards.

It is about "The New Elders," by which she means people who are kind of old, but not yet dead, like Safire and Walter Cronkite are, now. It is the responsibility of The New Elders to be older than young people, who are not yet wise, because they are young.

So the New Elders should try to be responsible, like William Safire was when he repeatedly claimed that Saddam Hussein did 9/11, or like Robert Novak was when he smeared a Chilean diplomat assassinated by Pinochet.

But there is a problem: Peggy Noonan uses math to calculate that there are literally three million crazy people in the United States, and apparently they all listen to Alex Jones.

This is why, I think, so many people-I include, literally, every person I know, from all walks of life, and all ages-are worried that our elected leaders are not safe, that this overheated era will end in some violent act or acts.

Stop reading this and ask whoever's nearby, "Do you find yourself worrying about President Obama's safety?" I do not think you are going to get, "No."

But Peggy, what if you're reading this in the Wall Street Journal opinion section office? Don't you know that OBAMA LOVES DICTATORS?

(Also, like a month ago, it was Barry who was scaring us, according to Peg.)