When you're deciding which fast food franchise to buy into, one to avoid would be Dunkin Donuts, because the muckety-mucks at Dunkin Donuts headquarters will spy on you with video cameras, 24/7.

Dunkin Brands trust you and they're sure your store is just fine and everything, but if you don't meet their "standards" you will have to install a security camera system in your store. Headquarters might just peek in, from time to time! The NYP reports:

According to one Dunkin' letter, the franchisee was required either to allow Dunkin' to monitor the stores "24 hours a day, 7 days a week [on video]" or pay to have each store inspected every other week at a cost of $350 a visit.

The real reason: trying to crack down on robberies by cops.

[Alternate headline: "1984 Frosted." Pic via]