MIT's student bloggers are grade-A. They write about everything. And the school loves them for it. But not all of America's schools are so keen on handing over the virtual reins. They should, though, because this internet thing's wild.

Yes, MIT, that bastion of nerdier education, has been paying student bloggers to yap about their campus experience. Though the posts range in topics — Star Wars is boring! Bacon's a great garnish! — the school's convinced individual outbursts help give prospective students a realistic view of the institution's world. Other colleges, like that blasted Vassar, are also bringing bloggers into their admissions fold, but still there are some who disbelieve.

Art Rodriguez, some admissions official at Pomona, remarks: "...There's always the concern about the political ramifications, that bloggers may open up an issue or topic that starts something negative."

Yes, well, there's that; and then there's the fact that the internet is EVERYWHERE! Even if schools don't incorporate bloggers, potential freshman will still see all the dirty truths posted by non-endorsed internet rats.

So, if you ask us — and, tacitly, you have — all schools should be sending out armies of pre-approved bloggers to counter all the negatrons on the horizon. Until you run out of money, which will happen.

Image via id-iom's flickr.