In this video, The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates asks his colleague Sullivan what he does for fun. Funny question, considering Sullivan was recently busted for pot possession on a federal beach, but charges were mysteriously dropped without explanation. Oh the laughs!

The Atlantic interview took place in Provincetown, Mass., where Sullivan keeps a summer home and where he was also ticketed for possession of marijuana in July by a federal park ranger. But a prosecutor dismissed the charges "in the interests of justice," a move that Sullivan has declined to explain.

We don't know why Sullivan is laughing, but we think it's because he wants to answer the question by saying, "I get high, all the time, with pot that I carry around on my person." But he can't because that would raise the question as to why he's allowed to do that but other people have to pay fines for it and have crimes on their records. Ha ha ha.