It's kind of like getting laid on Manhunt. If you want to be on Logo's Kept, you have to be hot, fabulous, have a place to live, and have pictures, lots and lots of pictures!

Classic Entertainment Group, True Entertainment (the company that gave NeNe Leakes her big break), and all-gay all-day channel Logo have sent out the casting notice for Kept, their show that is the gay version of a Real Housewives extravaganza, and it is exactly what you would expect. They want hot, young, gay men in the 20s and early 30s who are in a relationship and living the high life. Oh, of course they want "drama, drama, drama." They'll consider you if you're not in a relationship with a guy who makes a ton of money but you really want to be. Well, who doesn't want to be in a relationship with a rich guy so they can quit work and sit around at home all day watching James Franco on General Hospital? I know I sure do.

Now, Marc Jacobs isn't going to be on the show, we just keep using his picture because his boyfriend is exactly what they're looking for. He's handsome, doesn't make as much as his man, lives in multiple houses all over the world, and has all sorts of A-list friends. So, if you think you're as cool as Lorenzo, then send all your photos—of yourself, your job, your friends, your vacation, your second home in the Pines, the last three tricks you had, and that time at the Black Party when you and Devin almost stepped in something totally nasty on the dance floor at the Black Party—to the producers and they will decided if you're good enough to jump in the reality television orgy. See, it's just like Manhunt!

They're looking to "infiltrate" a group of gays (scientifically called a "gaggle"), which means you can drag your closest pals along for the ride. Like Dionne says, that's what friends are for. And they're looking to cast now, so hurry, hurry, hurry, or some other Mary is going to take your place as the Popper King!

Full casting notice below:


From the same production company that brought you "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" on Bravo, Classic Entertainment Group (Casting) and LOGO, We are pleased to announce casting for "Kept" – a look at the A List gay social life in NYC.

This series will begin casting immediately – with a series premier next year on LOGO.

Casting For:
"A List" gay men in the age range of 20 – mid 30's who have steady relationships or dating extremely established, successful men, or have that as a goal. Very interested in couples where one guy is the "breadwinner", the other living large on his dime.

We are looking for SUPERSIZED PERSONALITIES and SUPER - FAB EXCITING LIFESTYLES. We want Drama, drama, drama!

You must have A LOT going on— hot careers, take fabulous vacations, have second homes, do the Hamptons, & Pines or Bucks County or Asbury Park and know the IN social scene in NYC.

You have partnered with a Sugar daddy to make your dreams come true. Together you make a great team.

Maybe you are fresh out such relationship and you are in search of the same.

You are WELL CONNECTED – and there is no doubt that you are part of the "in" gay crowd of NYC.

**We are looking to infiltrate a circle of friends who fits this criteria.**

Open to guys making families or who have children already.

Must live in the greater Manhattan area – or VERY close to the city.

Please Submit:

  1. Photos (many) of yourself AND your significant other. Multiple photos please. We need your name(s) / age / email address / cell #.
  2. Mention what you do for a living (or are pursuing) / what your significant other does for a living…. We want to know everything.
  3. Snapshots of where you LIVE. Mention if you have a weekend house / vacation house etc…. mention all of the trappings. PHOTOS HELPTell us about FRIENDS THAT WE CAN CONSIDER along with you for this crazy ride. **Very important.
  4. SELL US on You and your lifestyle! Why are you so fabulous? WHAT'S THE BIGGEST DRAMA IN YOUR LIFE?
  5. If we like what we see you will contacted for a phone interview and possibly be asked to visit our casting directors to be put on tape so that you can be considered for the show.

Send all of the above to:
Part of our team will call you right away to set up a casting appointment (in Gramercy Park area). Jimmy Floyd – Casting Director / CEG