The Way We Live Now: Mired in interdemographic battle. Urban hippies, just taking up space. Stay-at-home moms, who quit the rat race. Blue collar hardhats, fallen from grace. Let's all have a Battle Royale.

Straight outta college, to NYC
Hippie on Craigslist needs a place to sleep
Demands are specific, not just "no fee"
She also needs roommates who like permaculture, living sustainably, gardening, dancing, hula hooping, yoga, herbalism, making music, active listening, and non-violent communication.

[CHORUS: Ohhhh, we're all living on this crazy rock
Rich and poor, vagina and cock
Let's come together like a key and a lock
Our continued petty internecine squabbling is just what he power structure wants as you would know if you read your Chomsky which you didn't because you're not that kind of person which is why I hate youuuuuuuuuu.....]

Stay at home moms, a survey finds
Didn't start careers and then resign
They were actually staying at home the whole time
So stop writing all those annoying deliberative op-eds about "opting out" of the workforce as if it's a real huge dilemma and widespread trend that must be urgently addressed, okay.


Blue collar worker, the American Dream
Paid with his sweat for a piece of the dream
But the economy tanked, and he lost the dream
The idea that unskilled laborers renting four-bedroom homes with swimming pools would become the new normal was obviously unrealistic, but more importantly, have you noticed how hard it is to make good rhymes for the word "dream?" I mean you could say "scheme," but that's scarcely the proper word for the honest rise and fall of the hardworking middle class. It's just one of those quirks of the English language.

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