Twitter's co-founder gave some free advice to Google; Heather Gold talked about starting a brothel; and Tila Tequila complained that her inconsiderate maids aren't grateful enough. The Twitterati had some suggestions for you.

Tila Tequila's maid came an hour early and it was a HUGE imposition. It just screwed up the professional attention-getter's whole day, to say nothing of her poor little dog Onyx who has to rush through her meal outdoors like some sort of ANIMAL.

San Francisco comic Heather Gold played "freak out the neighbors" with her landlady. Cool landlady!

Twitter's Evan Williams tossed a product suggestion at his old employer. The guy does have a track record, Google, although this sounds more like an Odeo than a

Online brander Damien Basile rushed out a Google Wave/tsunami joke while it was still in good taste.

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