Yesterday we brought you the ridic story of the purported "Rape Tunnel," where Rape Artist "Richard Whitehurst" would rape anyone daring to crawl through. Alas, it was just another art hoax. Our field trip is canceled.

It became clear one microsecond after our post went up that this was probably a hoax, since none of the people or places featured in the "interview" appeared to have any Google history, which, in the US of A, means you are a fucking fraud. (Note our rapid post-post disclaimer!). Which, on a personal note, was very disappointing, because just imagine the video we could have made when we traveled to this Rape Tunnel, and sent an armed intern through it. Internet gold.

Anyhow, the more interesting(?) question was, "Hey, what was the artistic 'motivation' of the nuts who made up this imaginary thing, eh?" Now Artlurker tells us, via the Miami New Times:

When the author of The Rape Tunnel pitched the idea to us we loved it. Of course it's an extremely sensitive subject, but our motivation for publishing the piece was to comment on contemporary art, not rape.

We cannot say what the intentions of the author were, but ours were simple: to generate conversation on the state of contemporary art based on the fact that an event like this is no so unrealistic today.

Okay, good! Now can someone get to work on building this Rape Tunnel?
[Pic: Artlurker]