Did you know that crooked financier and voodoo priest Allen Stanford used to run a bodybuilding gym? It's true! Didn't stop him from getting his ass whupped in jail. But there's a bright side.

Stanford came out of the jailhouse scrap last week with "a concussion, two black eyes and a broken nose." Which is a pretty serious whuppin by fight standards, let's be honest.

But look: for months, Allen's been complaining that there's no air conditioning in his crowded facility, and that the conditions are hellish. Now that he caught a bad one, he's finally getting transferred to another jail. Presumably with air conditioning? The fact that the awful jail food is withering away his once-thick frame to the point that he was seriously beaten in a fistfight is actually paying off for him, if you disregard the beating itself.

Also, the fact that more than two million of our fellow citizens are locked in cages where they must fight for their very lives as an unstated additional punishment for their crime is fucked up, even if we don't care for the person.
[Pic: AP]